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It’s always an honor to have my work and that of my colleagues mentioned by the media and in the press. Read on to learn more about my research and its impact.


The Psychology of Why We Get ‘the Ick’

March 22, 2024, TIME


What Makes People Feel Conflicted In Their Relationships? New Research Has An Answer

January 2022, Forbes


When Attractive Alternatives Can Threaten a Relationship

January 2022, Psychology today

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More sex. Fewer fights. Has the pandemic actually been good for relationships?

April 2021, The Guardian


How the pandemic has changed our sex lives

April 2021, BBC

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Caught in a Covid romance: how the pandemic has rewritten relationships

February 2021, The Guardian


Zoom Reconnects Family and Friends in the Coronavirus Pandemic—but Will It Last?

July 2020, The Wall Street Journal


This Quality May Help Protect Your Relationship From COVID-19 Stress

May 2020, Psychology Today


Will the Pandemic Ruin Your Relationship?

May 2020, Psychology Today


The (Potential) Upside of Sheltering in Place for Couples

April 2020, Scientific American


How to Deal If Being Single Has You Worried About ‘Biological Clocks’ and Timelines

October 2020, SELF


How Expectations Are Shaping Your Relationship

September 2019, Psychology Today

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